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Modern, creative and responsive web design paired with social media advertising is our forte. 

fullservice 4u.

Whether you are a freelancer, sole trader, freelancer, self-employed or run a small or medium-sized business, we offer you everything you need for your business in the field of graphic and web design as well as social marketing.

We can’t say it enough: if you have an outdated, confusing, or cluttered website, or maybe you don’t even have an online presence yet, you’re slowing yourself, your brand, and your business down. After all, as a business owner, you wouldn’t go without business cards. And your website is your business card on the web!

We design and create your internet presence according to your wishes and specifications and pay attention to a uniform cooperate identity, strong expressiveness and conversion. We are the branding and design agency that makes your company and brand strong and valuable.


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Branding is the targeted, active development of a brand. The goal should be a uniform cooperate identity, i.e. a recognition feature. The cooperate identity is, so to speak, the signboard of the company, which is associated by the customer with certain feelings and messages and, above all, remains in the memory for a long time. And this is exactly what we offer as a graphic design agency. Together with you we create your brand, your outward appearance.

As a full-service agency, marketing and advertising are naturally also part of our service. Whether photography, image editing, video creation or promotion, promotional items, ad design, up to complete advertising & promotion campaigns, we offer everything from a single source. Because marketing is more than just designing ads or placing commercials. Proper marketing must be seen holistically. This means to create a concept, where a company philosophy is implemented, where all sales-oriented activities, such as the distribution method & sales are planned and all further measures for company and sales promotion are developed.

We bring ideas to life. Let us reach the full attention of your clientele and leave an impression of your company, evoke emotions and remain in the memory. What the face and appearance means for a person, the appearance means for a company: this is the first impression that the outsider gets of it. This first impression, whether unconsciously or consciously, arouses interest in the other party, in recognition, the desire to get to know or work with them. We create emotions that stick.

Logo and CI design
Stationery & business cards
Company brochures
Advertising materials
Brochures & magazines
Book cover design
Posters & Banners
Flyers & flyers
Window displays
Car lettering
and much more

Good texts are also always texts that promote the products or services of a company. A good text should create attention for a certain offer and thus contribute to the achievement of the company’s goals.  Writing good advertising copy is often also referred to as the art and science of using the right words to motivate the reader to take a certain action. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a share, a comment, or an actual purchase. We specialize in creating persuasive and pictorial ad copy that evokes emotion to get through with your message despite sensory overload.

We create websites tailored to you and your company, which make your company tangible for your customers. Because a new company website or sales via your own online store can also raise your company to a whole new level. Subconsciously, the user decides about your company and your brand during the 1st website visit. Is it trustworthy or does it seem dubious? And so we develop modern digital worlds that invite your customers to explore and make emotions tangible. That’s why we combine online strategy, content marketing and technology to create a holistic view of your company and brand. We have all the skills to make your website a success.

Whether you need a simple business website, a private homepage or your own online store to sell your goods and services on the internet, we are your partner!

What good is the best and most beautiful website if nobody knows it? Nothing. And that’s exactly why we also deal with social media marketing. What is social media marketing? Social media marketing involves using social media channels – such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok and Twitter – to produce content for your target group. Hardly any other marketing discipline has developed as dynamically in recent years as social media marketing. Social media marketing involves more than setting up a Facebook fan page and occasionally posting a few photos on Instagram. We approach the selection and use of social media channels with a strategy and rely on the constant measurement of your successes in order to achieve the previously set goals.

some references.

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The Power of Social Media.

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we do social marketing 4U.

Nowadays, social platforms serve as a company’s online business card and are considered an indispensable advertising tool in times of digital transformation. We make sure that you are seen in the social media channels. No need to have your own account for this.

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By the way:

We only charge for the pages we have actually created.

And we have reduced our prices by a whopping 30% due to the Corona crisis:

Not only for Start Ups

START UP Package

Especially in the beginning, a new company needs business documents and an internet presence. And that’s exactly what our Start Up package includes:

  • a Classic website (up to 3 pages)
  • 1.000 business cards
  • 1.000 flyers or stationery
  • absolute best price: 699.- Euro

all prices net plus VAT



Pages: 1
Domain: 1
Email: 1
Disk space: 1 GB

Normal Price: 440,00 €

Discount price: 300,00 €

all prices net plus VAT



Pages: 5
Domain: 1
Email: 3
Disk space: 1 GB

Normal Price: 1.040,00 €

Discount price: 750,00 €

all prices net plus VAT



Pages: 10
Domain: 1
Email: 5
Disk space: 1 GB

Normal Price: 1.790,00 €

Discount price: 1.200,00 €

all prices net plus VAT


Example: One time

1 x One Page (see above) plus 1 x 10,000 insertions in social media portals
Discount price: 400 € one-time

Example: Monthly

1 x One Page (see above) plus 12 months x 10,000 impressions in social media portals
Discount price: 129 € /monthly

all prices net plus VAT


Example: One time

1 x standard website (see above) plus 1 x 10,000 insertions in social media portals
Discount price: 850 € one-time

Example: Monthly

1 x standard website (see above) plus 12 months x 10.000 insertions in social media portals
Discount price: 179 € /monthly

all prices net plus VAT


Example: One time

1 x business website (see above) plus 1 x 10,000 insertions in social media portals
Discount price: 1.300 € one-time

Example: Monthly

1 x business website (see above) plus 12 months x 10.000 impressions in social media portals
Discount price: 239 € /monthly

all prices net plus VAT


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